A Charleston Travel Guide

Hi babes! I hope you’re all doing so well!

Before I get started, I just want to say that I’m sorry for the delay in writing this post. Now that I’m more settled after moving, I should have more consistent new content for you guys!

I am SO excited to finally be writing this post. I fell in love with Charleston a while ago, and I know you will too if you end up visiting! It is the most charming, beautiful city I have ever been to. And the food is AMAZING. Honestly, most of this blog post will be about food because most of the time here was spent eating lol.

I have a bunch of places I want to talk about, so I’ll divide this post into categories so that it’s easier to navigate. Let’s get into the blog post!

Category #1: Where To Eat


#1 – Poogan’s Porch (Downtown District near King St):

I had heard of this adorable little restaurant before coming to Charleston, but actually ended up here partially on accident because they are the only one of the more famous downtown district restaurants that serves brunch on weekdays. We took a shuttle from our hotel and were only a short walk from the restaurant. Once we got there they were so kind to us and accommodating. We were late for our reservation and they still offered us a spot on the balcony (which I HIGHLY recommend requesting when you put in a reservation) so we got to look at the view and people watch which was really fun.

I ordered the crab omelet with asparagus, avocado, and lemon and herb cream cheese, and home fries. Michael had the chicken and waffles. You guys, this place was SO. GOOD. My omelet had plenty of crab in it, and we heard the waiter mention that their fried chicken is marinated for 24 hours before being fried. This place was so good we came back twice. Plus, everything is farm-to-table which we loved!


The second time we went I had their pulled pork eggs benedict (which were SO good). Going to brunch is a good way to save money in Charleston and still try some of the historic restaurants, because the meals tend to run between $12-18 a plate instead of $25-50 a plate for lunch and dinner. Also, we went on a slow day the first time (11:00 on a Wednesday) but if you’re going around lunch or dinner hours or on a weekend I would definitely put a reservation in, especially if you want a spot on the balcony!


#2 – The Vicious Biscuit (Mount Pleasant):


This was our other favorite brunch place we went to (Michael had already cleaned his plate, lol!), and it was SO good as well. Like Poogan’s Porch, everything is farm-to-table and was so fresh, plus the service was great. We even got to meet the owner who was there that day and he came over and talked to us for a few minutes, which made us feel super welcome. This place is located in Mount Pleasant across the bridge from downtown Charleston.

Michael ordered chicken and waffles (what he existed on the entire week, haha) and I ordered the “Babe” biscuit which according to their menu has pulled pork, thick-cut bacon, cowboy candy (candied jalapenos), bbq sauce and horseradish sauce. Both meals were SO good. Michael’s chicken and waffles came with apple butter and honey butter, and everything was house-made.

#3 – The Codfather (North Charleston):

This place was also really good. We literally didn’t have a single bad meal in Charleston! Michael probably enjoyed this place more than I did, but I think only because I had eaten so many salads leading up to vacation that my body was kind of done with how much greasy food I was eating. The food was delicious though! A British woman owns it who wanted to start an authentic fish and chips restaurant, and we were super impressed. The fish you get is literally the size of your arm. And who wouldn’t love that name? Also, if you go here, I would order a half size! I eat a lot and it was plenty for me.IMG_1400

#4 – Kickin’ Chicken (Mount Pleasant):


This place was delicious, and if you want a casual quick meal out I think this is a great option! That being said, it was an upscale bar and seemed like a local college hangout. Not that there’s anything wrong with that or that this wasn’t great food, but if you’re on a short trip I would recommend going to some of the famous places downtown to get more of a Charleston experience! However, if you’re on a longer trip this place is really good for a casual meal.

#5 – High Cotton (Downtown Charleston near King St):

This place was another level of good, lol. It was our big splurge of the trip and we both ordered what we really wanted. I got the stuffed lobster, Michael had the New York strip, and we split a side of mashed potatoes.


Everything was SO GOOD. And yes, that is a whole stuffed lobster and yes I ate the whole thing, lol! They also gave us free champagne. For dessert, we ordered the mango sorbet and lemon sorbet. Those were also amazing. 10/10 recommend this place! Like I said it is definitely a splurge but SO worth it.

#6 – Timbo’s Boiled Peanuts:

Just throwing this place in as a bonus because the peanuts were delicious and I’ve never ever seen Michael so happy about food. Ever. I think he ate over half a pound hahaha. So if you like boiled peanuts, this place is really good! Just call ahead of time to check on hours. It’s a hole in the wall food truck, but the Google directions are correct and it was about 25 minutes from our hotel with traffic.

Category #2: What To Do:

#1 – Walk the King St/Meeting St/Battery Area


This was a highlight of our trip for both of us. This entire area is SO beautiful. We saw the most beautiful homes we had ever seen, the Battery Park area is gorgeous, and a lot of this is right on the ocean! There is so much to see here but I would recommend parking at the Battery, walking in the park and along the oceanfront, then down into the neighborhoods. We walked along the ocean and the houses heading towards downtown, then took a left into the neighborhoods heading the direction of King St. The streets there are pretty clearly laid out, so it’s hard to get lost.


The lights on this house aren’t green, it was just a weird lighting effect! It was such a beautiful home!



This was a church closer to the top of King St that we got to stop into. It was so beautiful!

#2 – Charleston Tea Plantation:


I’ll update this post with photos of this place once I find them, but we had so much fun here! The trolley plantation tour was so pretty and fun, and we learned a lot from that and the factory tour. They also offer complimentary sweet tea! The tea is delicious and it’s a really fun and affordable place to visit.

#4 – Angel Oak Tree:

I’ll update with more photos of this place also, but this was a fun and free stop on the way back from the tea plantation. They’re open 1-5, and we didn’t spend a lot of time here because we got there at closing. But I think this would be a great spot to bring a picnic lunch! There isn’t anything else to do here except see the tree, but it is beautiful and would be a great lunch or photo spot. Like I said, it’s right on the way to and from the tea plantation so it’s very convenient for a small day trip!

Category #3 – Where We Stayed:

Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina



This is what our room looked like! The whole resort is colorful, just like the rest of Charleston, and the service was great. I don’t have a photo of the outside, but here is a photo I found online! This is right where our room was.


That’s all I have right now! Thank you for reading friends! 🙂 I hope you loved this post and that it helps you in your future or current trips to Charleston. It’s such a wonderful city! Love you all!



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