Gingham and Bows!


Hey y’all! Just wanted to a quick blog post on this top since I have been getting sooo many questions on it! Also, I want to apologize because I totally forgot that this post was supposed to go up yesterday! It was my boyfriend and I’s 6 months :), and posting this just slipped my mind. Speaking of my boyfriend, he was the one that bought me these adorable white high waisted shorts that I’ve been wearing nonstop! Mine are from Francesca’s, but I am linking a similar pair.

I managed to find an almost exact dupe for my top from Forever 21 for only $24! My top is originally from Red Dress Boutique, and I wanted to let you all know that although the top is sold out, they still have a TON of adorable gingham items on sale right now!


Thanks for reading!! You do not want to miss the blog post I have going up tomorrow that will include my favorite white flares which got such a great response on my story!


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